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KT Reunion Party Announcement


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May 26, 2012 Reunion party location:


海寶潮粵酒家  五時恭候  六時半入席

NBC Seafood Restaurant
404-A S. Atlantic Blvd.
Monterey Park, CA 91754
Tel: (626) 282-2323




May 10, 2012


Dear Class Representatives,


I hope everybody and their families have been well. I have a quick update in regards to our KT Alumni reunion. We are currently approaching our goal in occupying up to 40 dinner tables for our reunion; we're just one table away. As a member of the KT Alumni reunion committee I would like to express my gratitude and thanks for all the support we've received. Without your cooperation and continued support this event would not be possible.


In an attempt to make this reunion even more exciting and fun for everyone, would each class representative please contact their classmates to see if any would like to perform any talent to showcase during the reunion. Talents may include a variety of things from musical ensembles, singing, folk scriptures, dances, etc. For all who wish to participate please gather information from them and provide it to me as soon as you can so we can properly prepare and schedule everyone.


The reception is currently scheduled to promptly begin at 5:00PM with dinner to follow at 6:30PM. Please inform your classmates to check in with their class representative to claim their nametags prior to the start of the event.


For all Alumni who decide to join us last minute without a pre-purchased dinner ticket, they may proceed to the reception desk to purchase their dinner ticket there. Classmates joining us with these late dinner ticket purchases will not be able to sit amongst their classmates and will be consolidated to a separate table with other KT alumni, due to assigned seating.


Please find attached a copy of the attendee list collected thus far. Please review and make any corrections needed before returning it to me no later than May 8th 2012. (Both Chinese and English names are required for nametags)


For Yellow Stone Tour information please contact Nancy Yiu 909-610-0685 


First pick up time is at 7:30AM May 28th at the Hilton Hotel in San Gabriel.


Second pick up time is 8:30AM May 28th at the Marriott Courtyard in Hacienda Heights.


For Hotel information & confirmation please contact Ty Yeh 562-818-6707  


If you have any questions please feel free to call me personally on my mobile number 562-818-6707


On behalf of the entire committee we would like to thank you for all your support and all the effort you've committed towards making this reunion a big success.




Ty Yeh 

Chairman, KT Alumni 2012 Reunion



Jan 8, 2012


The KT Alumni Reunion committee has announced that the sign-up date for the May 26, 2012 Reunion party has been extended from Dec 31, 2011 to Feb 28,2012. 



Dec 30, 2011


From: 2012年啓智聯歡會籌備組 KT Alumni Reunion committee


Departure date: May 28, 2012
Return date:
June 3, 2012


Itinerary For Yellowstone May 28, 2012

Day 1 pick up LA Area – Barstow Outlet – Las vegas – St .George
Quality Inn Or similar

Day 2 St. George – Zion National Park – Bryce Canyon National Park – Salt Lake City
Red Lion Hotel or Similar

Day 3 Salt Lake City – Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone Park Inn or Similar

Day 4 Yellowstone – Grand Teton national Park
Comfort Suite Ogden or Similar

Day 5 Ogden – Salt Lake city – Las Vegas
Harrah’s Hotel or Similar

Day 6 Las Vegas – West Grand Canyon – Las Vegas
Harrah’s or Similar

Day 7 Las Vegas – Los Angeles

Tour Include:56 Seat Bus , Admission for Zion , Bryce , Yellowstone , Grand Teton And West Grand Canyon
Base on 40 People Double Occupancy $538.00 per person
Base on 50 people Double occupancy $488.00 per person

There is a fee not include is the tip for the tour guide & the bus driver. The tip is $ 7 per person for 7 days trips is $49

You may contact your class representative for further information or you may contact the KT 2012 Reunion Committee:

KT 2012 Reunion Committe
c/o: TY Yeh
6015 Obispo Ave
Long Beach, CA 90805
Email address:
Tel: 562-818-6707




From: 2012年啓智聯歡會籌備組 KT Alumni Reunion committee August 13, 2011

We’ve got some exciting news for you regarding the Yellowstone Park tour in the week following the May 26, 2012 reunion party!

Since the tour information was published, a lot of you have expressed interests in joining the 7-day Yellowstone Park bus tour, but were worried that a Wednesday departure would not fit into your tight schedule. We are pleased to announce that the travel agency have agreed in principle that as long as we can fill the whole bus, we can have our tour depart on Monday, May 28, 2012. So please start contacting your class rep today and sign up for the tour. If you do not know who your class rep is, please look him/her up in this link: If you prefer to sign up directly with the 2012 KT Alumni Reunion Committee, here is our contact information one more time:

By phone:
562-818-6707 (U.S.A.)

Via Email:

Via Postal Office Mail:
KT Alumni 2012 Reunion
c/o Ty Yeh
6015 Obispo Ave
Long Beach, Ca 90805

If you are contacting the committee directly, please remember to include your name, class year, and # of seats you are reserving.

See you in the May 26, 2012 KT Alumni Reunion Party!


From: 2012年啓智聯歡會籌備組 KT Alumni Reunion committee July 7, 2011

New announcement for the KT Alumni 2012 Reunion dinner party:

Invitation cards to the KT Alumni 2012 reunion dinner party have been mailed to our honorable teachers.  Here are their names and countries of residence based on our records.  The 2012 KT Alumni Reunion Committee welcomes any information about other teachers we have missed.

Name Country of Residence
潘世雄 Australia
莫成銳 Australia
葉保強 Australia
陳科中 Australia
劉慧虹 Canada
曾彗珠 Canada
朱銘長 Canada
李偉國 Canada
李海英 Canada
梁景輝 Canada
程麗清 Canada
郭露霞 Canada
陳潔明 Canada
陳褔 Canada
呂慧甜 Netherlands
何瑞玲 Sydney, Australia
廖愛賢 Sydney, Australia
趙蓮仙 Sydney, Australia
邢丽英 Sydney, Australia
馮玲 Sydney, Australia
伍學基 Taiwan, R.O.C.
康慧賢. Taiwan, R.O.C.
林翼雄 Taiwan, R.O.C.
葉寶珠 (容師母) Taiwan, R.O.C.
鄧錦華 Taiwan, R.O.C.
陳敬騰 Taiwan, R.O.C.
何源開 U.S.A.
何麗珍 U.S.A.
唐燕芬 U.S.A.
廖錦雲 U.S.A.
張宏光 U.S.A.
張捷興 U.S.A.
張美萸 U.S.A.
彭月瓊 U.S.A.
揚妙馨 U.S.A.
朱榮長 U.S.A.
林炳春 U.S.A.
溫國明 U.S.A.
石慶華 U.S.A.
蔡伯英 U.S.A.
賴松江 U.S.A.
鄧惠英 U.S.A.
陳煥文 U.S.A.
Arizona, USA
李廣源 CA, U.S.A.
陳碧水 WA, USA
張世豪 Viet Nam



From: 2012年啓智聯歡會籌備組 KT Alumni Reunion committee June 12, 2011

Dear Teachers and fellow class reps,

We are happy to announce that our R.S.V.P. process for the KT 2012 Alumni Reunion is now officially in gear!


Here is an update for our May 26, 2012 KT Alumni Reunion:


Entertainment for the dinner party:

DJ Karaoke arranged by Danny Show

Ruffles with cash prize



Tours in the week following:

Depending on the length of your stay, please choose from one of these two options:

1.  A 3-Day tour to San Francisco / Yosemite National Park - @$128.00, double occupancy

2.  A 7-Day tour to Yellowstone National Park - @$488.00, double occupancy


For those who plan for a shorter stay, we offer these 1-Day tours:

• Universsal Studio (by bus - @$95.00

• Disney Land (by bus) - @$95.00

Santa Barbara (by train) - @65.00


Hotel accommodations:

Two options are offered:

Best Western Plus Monterey Park Inn - 420 N Atlantic Boulevard, Monterey Park, CA 91755 - @$89.00

Courtyard by Marriott - 1905 S Azusa Avenue, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745 - @$82.00


Please note that these are published rates for 2011 and are subject to change.


Please R.S.V.P. no later than 12/31/2011 by contacting your class representative(s).  If you are not sure which class you belong to, please mail your information and check to the committee, with check payable to KT Alumni 2012 Reunion, at the following address:


KT Alumni 2012 Reunion

c/o Ty Yeh

6015 Obispo Ave

Long Beach, Ca 90805

Tel: 562-818-6707


Best Wishes,


The 2012 KT Alumni Reunion Committee

p.s. To protect your privacy, all your email addresses have been BCC'd.


From: 2012年啓智聯歡會籌備組 KT Alumni Reunion committee Mar 21, 2011

2012 KT Reunion Party announcement 

We are pleased to announce that NBC Seafood Restaurant (海寶潮粵酒家) has been chosen as the location for our May 26, 2012 reunion party. The address for the restaurant is as follows:

NBC Seafood Restaurant
404-A S. Atlantic Blvd.
Monterey Park, CA 91754
Tel: (626) 282-2323

All KT teachers are cordially invited as our Guests of Honor to the dinner party. All KT alumni and their family members and friends are welcome to join. For KT alumni, the dinner party fee is @$60.00. This amount covers food, drink, entertainment, and souvenir.

In our next announcement, more details will be provided on hotel accommodations for out-of-town guests, and tours and excursions in the week following the dinner party.

Best regards,

The 2012 KT Alumni Reunion Committee

陳少珍, 姚彩虹, 葉強, 馮學華, 王小筠, 梁達邦






From: 陳治國 Derek  Tran Jan 15, 2011


Dear Teachers and Schoolmates,

We are glad to announce that Ty Yeh
葉強, Nancy Liu 姚彩虹, Van Luong 梁達邦, class of 73 & Jennifer Johnson 王小筠, class of 72 will be the organizers of our next Khai Tri School Alumni Reunion Party for year 2012. 

Date: Memorial Weekend , Saturday May 26, 2012.
Location: San Gabriel Valley area, Los Angeles, CA.

The new Committee will post more details of this big reunion on Khai Tri Website.  Please stay tuned





Responded by Ty Yeh, Nancy Liu, Van Luong, and Jennifer Johnson on Wednesday, January 12, 2011, 6:01 PM


Thank you, Derek, for the introduction.

To our Teachers and fellow class contacts, we would like to say our first ‘Hello’ to you on behalf of the full committee.  We are both honored and humbled at being offered the opportunity to chair the 2012 KhaiTri School Alumni Reunion.  We sure have big shoes to fill.  It is going to be a group effort, and we hope we will not disappoint you.



Ty Yeh 葉強

Nancy Liu 姚彩虹

Van Luong 梁達邦

Jennifer Johnson 王小筠









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